Venus Series LED Street Light

Short Description:

1. Venus street light, from 20W to 240W, designing ve structures.
2. Optional light control 3/5/7 PIN NEMA receptacle and the infrared sensor.
3. SKD solution,Lenses, Glass, Upper Cover, Electrical parts etc, quickly assembly.
4. Standard adjustable spigot 40 50 60mm for the whole Brilliance Series.
5. 50*50mm Lenses, optional light source of 2835/3030/5050 etc, max:180lm/W.
6. 6 in 1 or 8 in 1 lenses, with different light distribution type2/3/4/5.
7. Independent electrical compartment and light source unit, lower temperature and longer lifetime.
8. The light back is smooth designed, with self-cleaning function.
9. The spigot is adjustable ±15° and 2.5° per step.
10. Standard version with gradienter for installation.
11. The driver room well fit with both Class I and.
12. Optional the single light controller, Zhaga standard LED module.

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